Lava Rock Diffuser Necklace


Our handmade lava rock diffuser necklaces are not only a great way to apply your favorite essential oils and blends but every penny of your purchase goes to support a great cause.

Our lava rock necklaces are assembled by hand right here in Tennessee, made from natural hemp cord and lava rock beads.

Each diffuser necklace is about 20 inches in length — a perfect length to nestle around your collarbone.

Apply a few drops of your favorite essential oils to one of the porous lava rock beads and wear against your skin. While our necklaces are designed to be used with essential oils, many people simply wear them as regular necklaces.

All proceeds are donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee, a cause near and dear to our hearts thanks to our little boy Sawyer who is rocking an extra chromosome.

The yellow and blue ceramic heart beads used in each necklace symbolize the official colors of Down syndrome awareness.

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