Welcome to Shafer Springs Farm, nestled deep in the woods and hills of middle Tennessee.

We make all sorts of skin care products such as hand salves, beard balm, beard oil, shaving soaps, and handcrafted bath and body soaps.

We donate a portion of every sale to the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

Our All Natural Skin Care Products

Our approach with all our products comes down to just three words: simpler is better.

We use local herbs and beeswax in many of our skin care products and we make, label, package, and ship every order right here on the farm.

We use simple, straightforward labeling and we’re proud to put all of the ingredients front and center, in plain English.

Our all natural skin care products don’t sit on warehouse shelves for months so we don’t have to load them up with artificial preservatives.

Many of our soaps, creams, and hand salves are based on traditional recipes and natural remedies that turn to herbs such as calendula, dandelions, plantain, and jewelweed.

Popular Shafer Springs Farm Products

We’re sometimes asked at markets and fairs what our favorite products are or what the “best” ones are. That’s impossible to answer — we love them all! — but we’re happy to talk about some of our more popular products.

Dandy hand salve and Brawn beard balm were the first two products we offered for sale and they’re two of our best sellers.

Dandy is perfect for dry, cracked hands and Brawn helps bearded gentlemen keep their beard healthy, tidy, and looking and smelling great.

We now offer several different products for men — including beard oil, beard combs, and shaving soaps —  as well as our Smellgood line of solid cologne.