Raw Amber Teething Necklace


    Our raw amber teething necklaces are made from 100% genuine raw Baltic amber and ship from our Tennessee farm, which means no long customs delays in getting your necklace.

    All of our necklaces are made from raw, unpolished amber from Lithuania and use a safety screw clasp along with knotting around each individual bead.

    For the maximum amount of succinic acid — the active ingredient that may act as a natural pain reliever — always choose a necklace made from raw amber as the polishing process can strip away succinic acid and may be done using harsh chemicals.

    Each necklace is handmade so length and color will vary slightly but our necklaces are typically 12″ to 13″ long — a perfect length to ensure they fit snugly for babies six months or older but also long enough for many little ones to wear comfortably until the age of two or three.

    Amber teething necklaces are not fashion accessories or toys; always supervise your little one when wearing their necklace.

    We stock three different colors of necklaces: Honey, Maple, and Popcorn.

    They are all handmade and roughly the same length and all made from unpolished raw Baltic amber — the only difference is the color.

    Color, size, and shape may vary slightly from the necklace shown in the pictures due to the handmade nature of the necklaces.

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