Heartnotes Solid Perfume


Our Heartnotes solid perfume is a testament to the fact that mighty things can come in small packages.

We use natural unrefined Tennessee beeswax in each tin, crafting our solid colognes and solid perfumes by hand right here on the farm.

We add a touch of jojoba oil to moisturize skin and stabilize our nine different unique scents in our Heartnotes line.

Our ingredient list couldn’t be simpler: beeswax, jojoba oil, and fragrance oils.

Using a solid perfume is easy — just rub with the tip of your finger and then dab on your neck or wrist as needed.

Each perfume scent we offer is listed below; for for a little more info on each scent, scroll down to the “Product Description” section below.

  • Barefoot Bliss
  • Frisky & Footloose
  • Gardenia Breeze
  • Ginger & Earth
  • Grapefruit & Nectar
  • Jar Full of Fireflies
  • Jasmine & Moonshine
  • Lavender & Lilac
  • Southern Tradewinds
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