We do things a little bit differently here at Shafer Springs Farm.

We make all sorts of great handmade skin care products — from soap to beard balm to lotion — but our mission has an extra twist.

Our son Sawyer is rocking an extra chromosome and as he and our business have grown, we’ve realized just how important helping hands have been in hitting all the milestones we’ve reached.

That’s a big reason why giving back is important to us, and why we donate 20% of every sale we make to the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee.

It’s also why we’re working towards building our business to the point where we can provide a variety of employment opportunities to uniquely abled teens and adults.

So, long story short: thank you! Every customer and every sale helps us give back and moves us one step closer towards many different dreams being realized!

— Seth, Sarah, and Sawyer

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