How to Use Beard Oil

how to use beard oilLearning how to use beard oil is a breeze, as we design Boss to be as simple as possible.

Beard oil is similar to beard balm in purpose — aiming to give you a thicker, fuller, healthier beard — with just a slightly different approach.

Many men use beard balm and beard oil together, while some prefer one or the other.

There’s no right or wrong answer as far as beard balm vs. beard oil. Try each and let your beard guide you as far as what works best for you.

How to Use Beard Oil

Similar to beard balm, the best time to apply beard oil is when your beard and skin is moist and warm. That’s usually right after you shower, although beard oil can be applied at any time of the day, to both dry and damp beards as part of your grooming routine.

Applying your oil will be a matter of personal preference. Some men prefer to apply it to their palm, coat their fingers with it, and then massage it into their beard with their fingers.

Others apply it to a wooden beard comb or brush first, then use that to comb or brush the oil into their beard.

apply beard oil with a beard combWhichever method you use, be sure to work it into both your beard and skin below.

If using a a beard oil like Boss that uses only natural oils, be sure to give the bottle a good shake before applying. We don’t add any emulsifiers or artificial additives to mix oils so they can settle a bit between uses.

A little bit of oil goes a long way so start small when first using to see how much is right for your beard.

Conditioning oils such as almond oil and evening primrose oil can take awhile to absorb, so your beard may feel slightly “heavy” after first applying oil.

Some men use beard oil daily while others treat it more like a conditioner that they apply every 2-3 days.

Beard oils are designed to moisturize and condition hair and skin, producing a thicker and fuller beard with a soft sheen.

Unlike beard balms, there’s no beeswax in beard oil so it won’t shape or protect your beard like a good balm will.

That’s why many men use both balms and oils for their beards, as the combo allows them to get the best of both worlds.

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