Caring for Your Amber Teething Necklace

caring for amber teething necklace
Our raw amber teething necklaces do require some special care, especially when little hands insist on tugging and pulling at them.

Thank you for ordering a raw amber teething necklace from us and welcome to the family!

Amber teething necklaces do require some special care — especially when it comes to close supervision of your little one while wearing it.

Below you’ll find some tips on caring for your necklace. With proper care, amber teething necklaces may last for years until your little one finally outgrows them.

  • Always supervise when your little one is wearing their necklace, especially when it is first put on.

  • Necklaces should never be chewed on. Amber teething necklaces are designed to rest against the skin and are not meant to be chewed as teething beads and other products are.

  • If your little one insists on tugging at their necklace and pulling on it, remove and try introducing again in a few days.

  • The safety screw clasp and knotting on the beads are designed to part and break under very little pressure to reduce strangulation risks.

  • Even little hands are strong enough to break necklaces — they will break if children are allowed to pull on them too much!

  • We understand the disappointment when a product breaks but please keep in mind the nature of these necklaces and how they are designed.

  • Light washing from time to time is fine but remove necklaces at bath time or when swimming to preserve the potential pain relieving properties on the surface of the raw amber.

  • While some parents choose to allow their little ones to wear their necklaces constantly, we recommend removing at bed time.

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